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Learning from Chicago City of Learning

Learning from Chicago City of Learning

Webinar with Sybil Madison-Boyod, director of Chicago City of Learning

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What can Europe learn from Vilnius?

More learning opportunities for young people So far, Vilnius has 1,069 non-formal learning programmes offered by 358 service providers. Luckily for Lithuanian youth, all these opportunities can be found on a single website– https://www.neformalusugdymas.lt/. “The website offers different non-formal education services and helps young people to find different groups, youth clubs, camps and volunteering activities […]

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Badgecraft ylläpitää "Cities and Regions of Learning" -alustaa. Alustan kehittäminen on osa Euroopan Unionin tukemaa yhteiseurooppalaista Erasmus+ -hanketta.
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Co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union
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